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Optimized Delivery.

Optimized Revenue.


eCommerce Plugin

Use our easy-to-integrate eCommerce plugin to equip your store with optimized delivery services. Or integrate our API into your checkout to offer same-day or next-day delivery to your customers. 


Dispatch management

Track deliveries in real-time, from pick up to drop off, and can share this with your customers through an integrated communication service.


On-demand delivery

Enabled as soon as delivery has been placed by a customer. Chommie can ship your goods from whichever urban location is most convenient for you.


Smart delivery routing

Our drivers are provided with AI-enabled delivery mapping to ensure the fastest routes are always taken. 

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Online, mobile, and cash payment options

Capture more commerce with a range of payment options online or on-delivery.


Order pooling and optimization

Orders with similar dimensions and locations are pooled together to reduce delivery times and cost.

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