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Chommie and Overcoming Lockdown Business Restrictions

COVID has been tough on business.

From forced lockdowns to social distancing, the pandemic has caused businesses worldwide to make radical adjustments to their business models.

Critical to business adaptation has been the shift to online. By offering products (and even service ordering) online, businesses have maintained customer relationships and even, in some cases, expanded their customer base.

Since the start of global lockdowns, restaurants, in particular, have been hit hard, but by shifting their menus online, many have been able to sustain consistent revenue streams.

At Chommie, we've optimized our onboarding processes to serve businesses better, making these movements to online commerce straightforward and cost-effective. In particular, Chommie Bites has been a lifeline to many restaurants by giving their customers an easy way to continue ordering food from them regularly.


If you are a Namibian business wanting to support online, on-demand delivery, please feel free to reach out to one of our team.

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