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Your Customers and Queuing

The majority of people have left shops due to excessive wait times.

According to a recent survey, almost half of respondents stated that waiting in lines to make purchases is worse than mundane household chores such as doing the dishes. Over a quarter of those surveyed said they prefer the commute into work rather than queuing in shops.

Unlike brick-and-mortar shopping, eCommerce provides consumers with the opportunity to choose a delivery option to suit their requirements. This removes the need to waste time queuing and allows the merchant to choose delivery options that will optimize revenue and keep customers happy.

The evidence suggests that businesses that choose to offer fast and flexible delivery options, like those available through Chommie, can ensure their order needs are met.

Chommie's last-mile delivery infrastructure in Namibia is focused on delivering the goods that consumers have bought quickly and efficiently. It has become a popular focus for restaurants (through Chommie Bites) as they are constantly looking at new ways to offer the very best customer experience.

It's vitally important that merchants meet customer delivery expectations.

It's also important to note that consumers have so much choice and can easily order goods from competitors. As such, retailers need to utilize systems that ensure consumers choose them.

For consumers, online shopping provides a level of access that may not be available to them in retail stores, as they can make purchases quickly, easily and often have the goods delivered on the same day.


If you are a Namibian business wanting to support online, on-demand delivery, please feel free to reach out to one of our team.

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